After 200 years of being under the yoke of Great Britain’s colonial empire, the Constitution of India took effect Jan. 26, 1950, creating what would later become the largest democracy in the world. Since then, the South Asian country has celebrated the day as its Republic Day, marking the day it gave itself its own governing document, replacing the British-enacted Government of India Act of 1935.

The Indian Government is supposed to launch the action plan for the Start Up India programme on this day. This programme is expected to provide the youth across India with a lot of job opportunities. The government is also supposed to emphasize on keeping statues of great individuals of India and the neighbourhoods clean. Several schools and colleges are also going to stage discussions on the duties of citizens of India.

The day holds a significant position in the hearts and souls of people. For many, it’s a sovereign day when our largest constitution came under force. For a few, it’s like gluing to their TV screens and get engrossed in the Republic Day parade, while for the rest it is just another holiday to sleep off till late.

The Chief Guest

It is expected that this time around Francoise Hollande, the Prime Minister of France, will be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations. His presence at the Republic Day celebrations this year is expected to add a touch of poignancy, considering the status of both countries as the ones affected by terrorism and the recent events at Paris and Pathankot. It will also convey a message that all such countries stand together in solidarity. Laurent Fabius, the foreign minister of France, had visited Delhi on 20th November 2015 and it is possible that both the countries decided on Hollande’s visit in January at that time.

The Celebration

India commemorates Republic Day with a ceremonial parade in New Delhi, performed by the Indian armed forces and various paramilitary forces, as well as various cultural performances by schoolchildren and the country's many states. The president of India unfurls the national flag at the beginning of the parade, and the celebration officially comes to a close three days later, on the evening of Jan. 29 with a ceremony called Beating Retreat.

First Time Events

For the very first time, women –only contingent will display an array of stunts on the motorcycle. The contingent called the 'Women Daredevils CRPF ‘comprise 120 women from the CRPF's three women battalions and Rapid Action Force. It was created in 2014. They have been training for this very opportunity for the last two years and we are sure they are going to blow our mind on the big day. 

After 26 long years, the Army – Dog Squad will finally make an appearance. The gods are trained since last 4 months and their holders can’t wait to stroll them by Rajpath in the capital city. There are as much as 1200 labradors and german shephards out of which only a limited number of dogs were selected to march.

India’s first indigenously developed aircraft carrier Vikrant and submarine Kalvari, which are the prestigious first attempts by the Navy Tableux this year under the Scorpene series. They will be promoted by 144 young sailors on board. 

Along with the Indian troops, French troops will also march with them during the parade. For the first-time ever, the French troop comprising of 56 personnel of the 35th Infantry Regiment of 7th Armoured Brigade will walk forward for the joint counter terrorism exercise ‘Shakti 2016’ to combat the increasing insecurities and widespread bloodshed.

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