Yes, you got that right! Be it your wallet, phone or laptop, just tag them with the GeckoLink and use the Geckolink app to detect the track. How fascinating it sounds?

The Gecko Bluetooth Smart Tag is an easy to use Bluetooth Low Energy enabled device that makes your smart phone smarter. With Gecko Tag you can create an internet of things that consists of previously non-connected items. Gecko Bluetooth Smart Tag and Gecko App combine to enable your iPhone or iPad to monitor, locate, and control a virtually endless list of everyday items.

Tag your front door and get an alert when it is opened or closed, use as a motion detector on luggage, purse or laptop, find your lost keys, wallet or even Smartphone via the Gecko app. Gecko can also serve as a remote trigger for you camera, or activate voice memo. Gecko Tag's compact size, approximately 1-inch square, allows for seamless integration with both connected and non-connected world. It is also equipped with a LED light, buzzer, an ambient thermometer and one standard micro USB hardware port. Gecko is iOS compatible and Android version available soon.

Gecko has been developed by Connovate Technology in Bangaluru, founded in January this year by four professionals, Bahubali Shete, Kiran Kumar, Rajeev M and S Varadarajan.

Pilot manufacturing had begun in a plant in China. These past few weeks have been really exciting. We have orders from 70 countries. Around 35-40 resellers around the world are in talks with us to market Gecko. Several big VC and industry names are keen to fund us. But more than money, we are interested in a strategic partner that can help us build our market.

“As a product design company we started off with a clear focus on Internet of Things. Gecko tag is an enabler for Internet of things. Gecko tag was a result of brainstorming sessions we had prior to starting the business itself.” As stated by the co-founder, Bahubali Shete. 

The company received crowd funding raising over $135,000 from the mere target of $50,000 including Steve Wozniac.

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