Awakening the cultural ethnicity and eternal bond of the people on the 67th Republic Day to arouse the patriotic mood of the citizens and promote the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the country, thereby spreading the message of harmony to everyone by ensuring a wider participation of the masses. Bharat Parv is a one-of-a-kind festival showcasing the cuisine and culture of different states of the nation. It has begun from 26th January and will be continued till 29th January.

The Ministry of Tourism has been designated as the nodal ministry for the event, the highlights of which include Republic Day Parade tableaux, performances by the Armed Forces Band, food festival, crafts mela and other cultural performances from different regions of the country.

The event welcomes everyone with arms wide open and the entry for public is free. The event shall include the spectacular cultural performances like the folk and tribal dances and classical or folk music organized by the Ministry of Culture through its zonal cultural centres and performances by cultural troupes from different states.

The festival will be open from 12 noon to 9pm on the 27th 28th and 29th January. The Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Vinod Zutshi, has also stated that, the Bharat Parv mela should be an integral part of the Republic Day celebrations to embark the beautiful work by handicrafts and local textiles.

There is a separate section showcasing street food from across the country with the National Association of Street Vendors of India, by setting up stalls along with various hotel management institutes.


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