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Delhi Metro: Phase III


The lifeline of Delhi, metro line, the yellow, red, blue and blue line with other lines are getting some new editions with Phase III. The launch of the Delhi Metro: Phase III is said to be the arrival of Pink and Magenta line to the map of Delhi Metro. Some of the key features of Phase III Delhi metro will be:


1. The "Herritage Corridor" is said to be the most awaited line, linking ITO and Kashmere Gate. 

2. 'Drivereless Train' is all set to come forth with the arrival of Delhi Metro: Phase III.

3. Frequency of metro trains is said to be reduced from 2 minutes 15 seconds to 90 seconds.

4. Lastly, there is a new to increase ease for the commuters by introducing e-rickshwas, which is still under discussion.


The delay is still on for the Phase III but it is also assured that the metro stations will start all together, not starting mid-way with the work still going on. We all hope that the metro line starts with Phase III soon and without any hikes in the travelling charges for the easement of the commuters

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