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3 Ways to Clean Thoroughly Your Carpet at Home

A carpet cleaning machine takes some time to get familiar with it, but it gets you gripping once the user takes an easy command over its functionality. It is also perfect for a gentle, uniform cleaning of the home or office. Several methods could be deployed when it comes to carpet cleaning. Well-cleaned carpets are identified by fabricators as being more visually appealing and suitably healthier and long-lasting than poorly maintained carpets.

The traditional methods of carpet cleaning in the 19th century were mainly rattan rug beaters, Carpet rods and carpet beaters. They beat out dust from the carpet. Also brooms, brushes, dustpans, and shaking and hanging swept the carpet-cleaning trends of the 19th century. However, brooms particularly carry risks of wear and steam cleaning increases the lifespan of your carpet.

Below are the types of carpet cleaning according to Wincrest:

1. Hot water extraction – Under this cleaning process the equipment function by spraying heated water, at times with cleansing products, on the carpet. Simultaneously, the water is sucked up; taking away dislodged and dissolved dirt. Companies always recommend the process of professional hot water extraction as the most star-rated carpet cleaning process.

2. Dry Cleaning - Dry-cleaning or rather systems with minimal moisture are also often faster and less labor-intensive than wet-extraction systems.

3. Household-Simple Vacuum Cleaning – Vacuum cleaners use air pumps which deploy partial vacuums creation for dust and dirt removal, usually from floors and carpets. There are stages of filtering in the machine which collect dirt for later disposal. New age carpet cleaning device use rotary vacuum heads and spray jets to thoroughly clean the carpet through hundreds of multistage cleaning processes.

Hot Water Extraction

A common process of hot water extraction begins with preconditioning. Chemicals are added depending upon the material of the carpet, e.g. for synthetic carpet, Alkaline agents primarily ammonia solution is used and woollen carpets acidic solution (such as vinegar solution). They are sprayed into the carpet along with hot water, then scrubbed either manually or using a machine. Further process involves, rising of the carpet through manual pressure or rising tools like wand. Various particulate matter stuck in the carpet are removed using this step

Extraction is, by far, the most important step in the hot water extraction process. Conclusively, hot-water carpet cleaning process utilizes huge quantity of water; therefore cleaners do not opt for it until and unless there is apt need for doing so. Apparently less water consuming methods like shampoo cleaning and air flow are practiced when the carpet stains and dirt are not that stubborn. Wet-cleaning systems since allow the carpet to be wet for a longer duration, hence involves the risk of growing odour and bacteria on it.

Carpet cleaning experts continuously put efforts to balance the need of removing of all kinds of dislodged dirt and rapid drying of the carpet.

A carpet cleaning is a more elaborate process than the processes included in cleaning any other household furnishes. Since its structure and composition is cloth based and not wood types. The best carpet cleaning company takes care a little more than usual, as any sort of mistake in the process could lead to various undesirable outcomes such as foul smell, giving a scenario for the bacterial growth.

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