About Us
Our Dynamic Managing director Mr. Raman Kain’s vision and dedication helped in bringing people together and building a team of expert developers, designers, SEO's, Content Writers and established a booming company Vision IT Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

VisionItians then launched a world famous blogging and forum website helpmyindia.com under his guidance.

HelpMyIndia.com is the platform where everyone from anywhere in the world can share ideas on Indian political, social, educational & economical issues along with Indian sports, cuisine, recipe and relationship with other countries.

In short, you can write personal views about anything related to India by posting in forums, blogs, articles, polls, and shout box. We have administrator to check over articles that it must not include derogatory remarks, offensive and distasteful words to maintain the sanctity of our website.

HelpMyIndia.com website offer opportunity to ask any kind of problems related to religion, political, social, educational, legal, financial, and environmental, frauds, security or any other issues. Help My India members aim to provide solutions to each other for their queries.

In case any member is unable to get solution than we have an administrator who can lead them to NGO related to their problem. HelpMyIndia.com has updated directory of all vital NGOs.

It is also social networking site as it has around 7000 members from all over the world with their basic details such as their country, age and their gender. Members can search according to their preferences and can chat with each other.