Blogs, India’s largest online retailer of solitaires, jewellery and gold coins launched its first ‘Solitaire Experience Lounge’, in New Delhi today. This first of its kind initiative in the Indian e-commerce landscape, was inaugurated by beauty quee
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Not all lawyers do the same thing. You cannot approach a lawyer practicing criminal law while you are having a problem with your marriage. Here are some of the most common lawyers you can approach with your own problem: Personal Injury Lawyers – This type
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Swimwear has been essential clothing when the summer hits our respective places. However, there are times that we are not able to choose the right one because of our busy schedule. This is how the internet has become an instant solution. A lot of stores ar
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When water is scarce, why not pull it out of thin air? An industrial designer in Austria is hoping to do just that. Kristof Retezár, a designer based in Vienna, invented a device that can extract humidity from the air and condense it into drinkable water.
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When you are hunting in the on the eternity warriors 4 cheats, you could discover that it doesn't add something towards the game but the truth is the fact that, you will discover a whole lot of positive aspects of the game cheats as well. When you happen t
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With the onset of 2016 Auto Expo taking place in Delhi NCR from February the 5th’2016 and all the automobile giants are prepping up for the much-touted Asia’s largest motor show at the Auto Expo Mart, Greater Noida (Feb 5-9) while the components will be di
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Do you love feminism and per formative poetry? Step right up to watch Kalki Koechlin's "The Printing Machine," — in fact, watch it even if poetry isn't generally your thing, because its unflinching, darkly satirical look at violence against women in the me
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A sleek, Smartphone-powered microscope, dubbed μPeek, recently reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. The device, which attaches to the back of any Smartphone (over the top of the camera lens), is about the size of a credit card and is controlled via an
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With the successful declaration of the Government of India in 1984, to celebrate the birthday of the legendary and revolutionary Swami Vivekananda on the 12th January every year as the National Youth Day, it is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm to c
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In a nerve wrecking final test that lasted for two hours and ten minutes, to be accurate, the Railways Men won a victorious glory over Kerala in the successive Senior National Volleyball Championship, at the Kanteerava Stadium.  It was a grand double for t
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Iskiuski added new blog post, India’s largest online retailer of solitaires, jewellery and gold coins launched its first ‘Solitaire Experience Lounge’, in New Delhi today. This first of its kind initiative in the Indian e-commerce landscape, was inaugurated by beauty quee
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